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Acorn Stairlifts Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. People all around the world love Acorn Stairlifts. So what do our customers think of their Acorn experience? Take a look at these Acorn Stairlift testimonials, provided by real customers we have helped. Need we say more?

Curved stairlift is a perfect fit.

Mrs Rosewell found peace of mind after a meeting with Acorn Stairlifts which uncovered a stairlift solution for her split-level staircase.

“Rheumatoid arthritis has meant that my husband has struggled to walk up and down our stairs for a number of years as it had affected the use of his legs.

“I read about Acorn Stairlifts in a magazine and gave them a call. A lovely gentleman called James came round for a chat. He looked at our staircase and advised us about a curved stairlift which would be perfect for our house - which was such a relief!

Mrs Rosewell

"I liked the look of Acorn immediately..."

A retired chartered engineer has praised Acorn Stairlifts for his British made, precision engineered stairlift.

Mr Jim Cornforth, 75, was recommended Acorn Stairlifts by a neighbour to ease his pain from arthritis and varicose veins.

“I liked the look of Acorn immediately. From an engineer’s perspective, I could see the stairlift was very well constructed and was impressed it was made in Britain,” explained Mr Cornforth, from Halesowen in the West Midlands.

“The precision of the track was another selling point, my staircase has a landing mid-way but the stairlift continues climbing to the top of the stairs – something I know other brands can’t achieve. It has been a neat and unobtrusive addition to my home.

“Having a stairlift wasn’t an absolute necessity but it’s one of the better purchases I have made - I’m very glad to have it installed," he added.

Mr Cornforth

“If it wasn’t for my new stairlift, I’d have been stuck in hospital for weeks.”

Brian Hardy (79) was admitted to hospital with heart failure. This loss of breath meant climbing the stairs was impossible and he faced weeks in rehabilitation away from the home he loved.

“I never used to have any trouble climbing the stairs, despite suffering from post-polio syndrome, but my heart problem changed everything,” explained Mr Hardy, who quickly realised he would need additional aid before returning to his home in Braintree.

“My wife arranged everything with Acorn Stairlifts while I was in hospital. They responded immediately and a curved stairlift was installed within three days, giving me the green light to come home.

“We saw an advert for Acorn in a polio brochure so knew they’d be a reliable company, but the speed of response and installation was especially impressive, particularly for our curved staircase. I am exceptionally pleased with the service, the stairlift and the difference it has made to our lives,” added Mr Hardy.

Mr Hardy

"The whole experience from my first call to the installation has been phenomenal..."

A couple both suffering from debilitating conditions can stay in their family home thanks to Acorn Stairlifts.

John and Penny Findlay from Barrhead in Scotland both struggled to get up or downstairs comfortably. John suffers from severe arthritis and Penny is dealing with the repercussions of a stroke and several knee operations.

“I would restrict myself to going upstairs just once a day as it was too painful to make the climb more often, “ explained Mrs Findlay. “One afternoon I was so exhausted and desperately fed up of not being able to live comfortably in my own house, that I picked up the phone and dialled Acorn.”

On the day of the call, Acorn despatched a surveyor to check the house and within 48 hours, a stairlift was installed.

“The whole experience from my first call to the installation has been phenomenal,” Mrs Findlay added. “From the first approach they could sense how urgently we needed a stairlift and arranged everything to suit us within two days! I’ve seen such positive things about Acorn on the TV and in the newspapers and they’ve lived up to their exceptional reputation. I can’t thank Acorn Stairlifts enough for such a life changing service.”

Mrs Findlay