Features to Look for When Purchasing a Stairlift

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An elderly couple reads up on the features of a stairlift

Adding a stairlift to your home can be a difficult choice. A stairlift could be the best choice if you or a loved one struggles with stair stability or mobility in the building. Adding a lift to your home can make a significant difference in your lifestyle, but finding the best decision is dependent on a few key factors.  

  • Finding the right kind of stairlift is one of the most important aspects when purchasing a stairlift. Acorn provides three types of stairlifts: outdoor, curved, and straight. When deciding which choice is better for you, consider where your lift will be situated, the shape of the staircase, and the configuration of your stairs. Call us for a free estimate to find out which is best for you!  

  • When looking for the best stairlift, it's also essential to look for safety features. At the very least, a proper stairlift should have a seat belt, obstacle sensors, and a slow-moving speed. When shopping for the best fit, check for features such as a diagnostic panel for any errors your stairlift might have, a remote control to summon your stairlift, or even a spare battery to ensure your stairlift is always operational. Acorn goes far beyond the bare minimum to make sure your stairlift trip is safe at all times.  

  • Find a stairlift that will not increase your energy bill after you buy it. A rechargeable battery power every Acorn Stairlift. When the chair is not in operation and folds up, you can then charge the battery. There is no reason to be concerned about high annual electricity costs; the lift consumes about as much energy as a tiny TV in standby mode. With the diagnostic display, you will find out straight away if there are any problems with your stairlift and save money on potentially expensive repairs.  

  • Not all stairlifts are made equal. A few lifts maybe are difficult to manage or manipulate on your own. Acorn Stairlifts ensures that the stairlifts are usable to all. Our stairlifts will help you regain your mobility, whether it's due to aging or a limited range of motion. As the only stairlift manufacturer to have earned the Arthritis Foundation's Ease of Use Commendation, our lifts were designed from the ground up with straightforward controls and dependability in mind.  

  • When considering installing a stairlift to your home, it is crucial to remember aftercare and routine maintenance. Post buying an Acorn Stairlift, we advise an annual maintenance checkup. Preventative maintenance can help you escape unanticipated and expensive repairs. You will be less concerned with the unpredictable if unusual problems occur—this way, things are handled quickly and detected by our trusted technicians.  

Many considerations will go into buying a stairlift for yourself or a loved one. We recognize that it is not taken lightly. You want dependability, protection, and easy access to your beloved house. Acorn Stairlifts aims to provide you with the best service available from start to finish. If you have any additional questions about assessing which stairlift is right for you or buying a stairlift, please visit our 'Contact Us page.  

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