Giving the gift of home independence this Father's Day

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Dad, Pops, Father, whichever you title your loved one, spend the time to thank them for this Father's Day. Assisting in the care of your family is vital, especially as they age and may require assistance. Perhaps they have difficulty with stair stability, or their physical needs are evolving, it may be time to influence their life with the aid of a stairlift positively. Consider purchasing a stairlift for the parental figure in your family who has always stood up for you, showed you how to ride a bike minus training wheels, and whom you have always looked up to and revered.  

It may well be distressing to see your father aging, but encouraging them in establishing a significant transition can overcome some later in life challenges; doing what you can aim to provide yourself and your family's peace of mind. The addition of a stairlift could modify their view of accessibility in their home. Introducing a stairlift may also provide independence to those unable to navigate the stairs by themselves or without fear of injury. Folks can utilize an Acorn Stairlift to easily travel the stairs, allowing them to reach all portions of their home. With all the freedom a stairlift will provide, your father may uncover a whole wide range of new possibilities.  

Father, son, and grandfather celebrate fathers dayEvery Acorn Stairlift is fitted with a variety of excellent safeguards to ensure your loved ones stay secure while traveling the stairs. Safety belts and simple controls allow individuals to ride the stairlift when they want total comfort and confidence. A valuable diagnostic panel could provide an additional sense of safety. The display enables the user to evaluate the functionality of the lift, any unforeseen issues, and the battery level. Along with all the safety benefits of an Acorn Stairlift, you can build more belief in your loved ones as they navigate their stairway.  

If you believe a stairlift is ideal for your father or parental figure, installation is convenient and straightforward. Acorn's FastTrack model enables a technician to implement a stairlift the next day. So if a close relative is in desperate need of a stairlift, they could obtain access to their stairs in as little as a few hours. Acorn's expert technicians conduct detailed servicing, answer any essential questions, and verify both you and your family are entirely comfortable operating the lift. Following install, our customer service team is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone to support you on everything from aftercare to lift help. With the introduction of our stairlift's performance and reliability, you may enhance your sense of security for your loved one's safeness.  

Father's Day is really about giving back and expressing your appreciation for the one you value; if they need assistance as they mature, you can achieve exactly that by providing them with a stairlift. Look at our previous blogs for further details on our stairlifts and how they would benefit anyone with mobility challenges. To arrange a no-obligation consultation, visit our contact us tab and fill the form out; we will be reaching out as soon as possible. 

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