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These 8 Factors Will Determine Your Acorn Stairlift Price

12:00am | | Tips and Advice

Here at Acorn Stairlifts, we know that each home and staircase is just unique as the customer who buys it. That’s why your individual staircase, as well as the specific characteristics of your home, all affect what your personal Acorn Stairlift price will come out to be.  

The endless combination of unique characteristics that make up your staircase is why Acorn offers a free, no-obligation quote to anyone even considering lifting their life to a new level.  

Read on to learn 8 factors that will determine your Acorn stairlift price and how you can claim your free, no-obligation stairlift quote today. 

 How Acorn Will Determine Your Chair Lift Price 

1. Which Chair Would Be Best for Your Needs 

All Acorn chair lifts are customized to order so that they fit your specific home and needs.  

This means that personal modifications to your stairlift, such as taking advantage of Acorn’s convenient, folding footrest or utilizing Acorn’s ground-breaking safety features, will all factor into your personal stairlift price. 

2. Whether Your Stairs are Inside or Outside  

Acorn offers both an outdoor and indoor option for the Acorn 130 Straight Stairlift so that you can enjoy your home to the fullest, from the inside out.  

Naturally, outdoor stairlifts will be a bit more expensive than indoor stairlifts due to environmental elements that can make installation a bit more complicated.  

However, regardless of whether you are purchasing an indoor or outdoor stairlift, Acorn prides itself on stress and mess-free stairlift installation that is quick and will have you up and running in no time. 

3. Whether Your Stairs are Curved or Straight 

Acorn offers a variety of stairlift models so that whether your stairs are curvy or straight, you can find a lift that fits your needs. 

The cheapest model of the stairlift is generally the Acorn 130 Straight Stairlift, made for staircases that go straight up and down. These are the fastest and simplest to install because the rail does not need to be modified to any twists or bends.  

The outdoor version of this straight stairlift model will most likely be a bit more expensive due to the elements found in nature that can make installation a bit more complicated.   

Due to its more personalized nature with unique twists and bends, you can expect the Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift to be the most expensive model, as Acorn has to make more specific modifications to allow the rail to flow synchronically with your staircase. 

4. How Many Turns Your Staircase Has Happy couple after receiving their stairlift, surely after getting a free non-obligation quote and hearing acorn stairlifts price. 

There’s a reason that Acorn Stairlifts is able to fit 99 percent of staircases—We stay by your side through all of the twists and turns.  

The more turns your staircase has, however, the more modifications Acorn will have to make to your FastTrack rail to ensure that your stairlift fits flawlessly to your staircase. 

5. How Many Steps are in Your Flights of Stairs 

The number of steps in your flight of stairs is only important information to know when Acorn is designing your stairlift rail. The more steps you have, the longer the rail needs to be.  

However, this information quickly becomes irrelevant because once you own an Acorn stairlift, you’ll never have to count your steps again—You’ll soar above the obstacles that once held you back. 

6. If You Want to Go Up More Than One Flight of Stairs 

An Acorn stairlift allows you to access all parts of your beloved home. How many flights of stairs stand between you and living your life to the fullest?  

Let us know, and we’ll adjust the length of your rail accordingly. After an Acorn stairlift sweeps you off your feet, there will be nothing standing in your way. 

7. The Length of Your Rail 

At Acorn, we make installation simple by utilizing what we call our FastTrack system. FastTrack® is a unique modular rail system that can be adapted to exactly follow the profile of almost any staircase. 
The system is built on a comprehensive inventory of differently shaped, interlocking rail sections. By selecting exactly the right sections for your staircase, our expert installation engineers can assemble and custom-fit a bespoke FastTrack® rail to your staircase in just a few hours with minimal mess and disruption because it is attached to your stairs and never the wall. 

The longer the rail needs to be to fit your staircase, the more your stairlift will cost. 

8. The Location of Your Staircase in Relation to Other Household Objects 

The location of your staircase is another important factor that goes into the cost of your stairlift. For example, if there is a door or object that limits the space needed for a stairlift. 

Claim Your Free, No-Obligation Stair Lift Quote Today 

Acorn offers each person even considering investing in a life-changing lift a free, no-obligation quote and home survey in which an Acorn representative will provide you with personal stairlift advice and your stairlift price. 

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