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No Tricks This Halloween—Treat Yourself to a Sweet New Stairlift

12:00am | | Tips and Advice

As we savour the spine-tingling chill in the air and sip on the spiced pumpkin lattes that come with the arrival of the spooky season, remember that there are some things in life that we should never have to be scared of.

The safety of you and your loved ones is one of them. That menacing, winding staircase that can be a source of fear or danger should not be the main attraction of your haunted house this Halloween, so don’t leave it up to chance.

No need to fear because there are no tricks here at Acorn Stairlifts. You can treat you and your loved ones to a sweet, new stairlift that will make mobility a breeze and help keep the “fall” outside, rather than inside.

Scare Away Your Stress with an Acorn Stairlift

Whether you or a loved one has mobility concerns that make going up and down the stairs a frightening experience, an Acorn Stairlift is always there to ease your fears.

Allowing you to easily navigate through tricky spots in the house, an Acorn Stairlift provides safety and support with safety belts and controls that allow your mind to rest in peace.

Acorn’s stairlift installation is stress and mess-free. This is because Acorn stairlifts are attached directly to the staircase and never the wall so you will never have to disturb your hallowed home with messy modifications such as drilling or plastering.

Acorn’s customer service always rises to the occasion for our customers so that you can continue to rise above the obstacles that once held you back. With a 24/7 support team that provides you with the constant care you and your loved ones deserve.

Claim Your Free, No-Obligation Stairlift Quote Today

To start reclaiming your independence and mobility or help your loved ones live their lives to the fullest, look for an Acorn Stairlifts near you and contact us today. Acorn offers each person even considering investing in a life-changing lift a free, no-obligation quote and home survey in which an Acorn representative will provide you with personal stairlift advice and your stairlift price.

This year, as you watch your favourite Halloween specials and carve spooky faces into your pumpkins, remember that while it may be fun to be scared sometimes, you should never have to be scared about the safety of the people you love and care for the most. Acorn Stairlift will always support you and help swap your fears with security and confidence.

Happy Halloween!

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