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Senior Tip of the Week—Stay Safe in the Slippery Shower

12:00am | | Tips and Advice

Whether it pertains to stairlifts or not, when Acorn Stairlifts says that we care about our customers and their well-being, only wanting to give them the best, we mean it.

This also applies to our customers’ overall quality of life.

We want you to lead the healthiest, happiest, and most fulfilling lives possible. We want to see you succeed and reach new heights not only in mobility and independence but in all areas of their lives.

Without further ado, welcome back to “Acorn Stairlifts Tip of the Week,” a series in which we will equip seniors with all the knowledge, tools, and helpful advice that they need to succeed in their lives—ranging anywhere from physical health, to saving money with senior discounts, and just about everything in between.

Read on to learn some tips on how you can transform your slip-and-slide shower into your own steamy sanctuary.

The Acorn Stairlifts Senior Tip of the Week

Take precautions to transform your slippery shower from a danger zone into your steamy safe haven.

Water. Soap. Lotions. Tile Floors.

All of these swishy elements surge, brewing the perfect shower storm.

This is why it should come as no surprise that a large percentage of all slips and falls are likely to occur in the shower.

However, senior shower statistics just add even more insult to injury.

For seniors, this likelihood of slipping in the shower increases significantly, as well as the possibility that they will sustain an injury from the fall, or the incident will prove fatal.

What Can You Do to Prevent Dangerous Shower Slips and Falls?

So, what are some things that seniors can do to stay safe while weathering the shower storm?

Here are a few towel tips to soak up the slips. 

Keep the Bathroom Well-Lit

As we age, the frequency with which we need to urinate increases, meaning more trips to the washroom during the night.

Because bathrooms are often wet and slippery environments due to water splashes from sinks, showers, and baths, seniors with reduced balance, poor vision, impaired depth perception, or limited mobility become more susceptible to slips.

On top of the dangerous environment, darkness and dim lighting can make it difficult for seniors to see any obstacles, edges, and changes in floor texture, increasing the risk of tripping or falling.

However, well-lit bathrooms provide better visibility, helping seniors to identify potential hazards such as unexpected objects or wet surfaces, ultimately leading to fewer accidents.

Slip on Your Non-Slip Shoes

The name speaks for itself.

Non-slip shower shoes, also known as shower sandals or bath slippers, are designed with treads or patterns on the soles to provide traction and stability when walking on wet and slippery surfaces, such as bathroom floors and shower tiles.

This design helps prevent the shoes from sliding or skidding on wet floors and assists in providing a secure foothold.

Furthermore, these shoes often include features like wider soles, which can provide a larger contact area with the floor. This wider base enhances stability, avoiding accidents by making it less likely for seniors to lose their balance while walking or standing.

Keep Your Shower Decluttered and Organized

Clutter on the floor, such as towels, cords, toiletries, or clothing, can increase the risk of tripping and falling, as seniors may inadvertently catch their feet on an object, causing them to lose balance and potentially slip.

Seniors with reduced mobility or balance issues are particularly vulnerable to such hazards.

However, by keeping the bathroom well-organized and clutter-free, you eliminate these potential hazards, ensuring that there are clear pathways for seniors to navigate safely without dangerous obstacles in their way.

Reduce Bending and Reaching

As people age, their balance and coordination can decline, making them more susceptible to falls.

Motions like bending over or reaching for items in the bathroom can shift a senior's center of gravity and potentially destabilize them.

Furthermore, muscle strength tends to decrease with age, and seniors might not have the same strength to support themselves when bending or reaching.

These factors can result in instability, increasing the likelihood of a nasty fall.

Keeping items such as soap or shampoo within easy reach of seniors helps them maintain a stable stance, reducing the need for risky movements such as bending and reaching.

Ultimately, this stability prevents potential accidents from occurring.

Install a Raised Toilet Seat

Seniors often have difficulties with bending their knees and hips to sit down and stand up from a standard toilet.

The makes the act of transitioning from sitting down to standing up from a standard toilet a critical moment for falls, especially if a senior becomes unsteady.

A raised toilet seat elevates the seating height, minimizing the need for deep knee and hip bending.

This makes it easier for seniors to lower themselves onto the seat and stand up afterward, reducing the strain on their joints.

Additionally, raised toilet seats typically come with armrests or grab bars.

These armrests or grab bars offer additional stability, leverage, and support, helping seniors maintain balance and reducing the risk of falls.

More Suggestions for Saving Seniors from Slips and Falls

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