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Acorn Stairlift FAQ of the Week—Will an Acorn Stairlift Fit My Specific Staircase?

12:00am | | Tips and Advice

When it comes to our loved ones and important decisions concerning their health, well-being, and safety, you never want to be left in the dark.

We get it.

This is exactly why Acorn Stairlifts makes it a point to stay right by your side every step of the way in taking your life to the next level with one of our life-changing lifts.

We are here to light the way by answering any and all of your questions so that we will always leave you with the complete confidence that your loved ones are only receiving the best stairlifts and service.

Welcome back to our segment of Acorn Stairlift FAQ of the Week. This is the Acorn assurance that every customer deserves –answers to all of your most frequently asked questions –so that you never feel left in the dark again.

This week, we will delve into a common concern expressed by our customers about whether an Acorn stairlift will have a flawless fit to their specific staircase.

The Acorn Stairlift FAQ of the Week

Will an Acorn Stairlift Fit My Specific Staircase?

Acorn stairlifts are able to fit flawlessly to 99 percent of all staircases.

That’s right—You read that correctly; So, it’s extremely likely that an Acorn stairlift will fit on yours too!

This is because Acorn stairlifts are always designed to fit your home—your home will never be modified to fit our stairlifts.

Acorn stairlifts allow you to enjoy full access to the home you love, leaving it just the way you like it.

All About Acorn’s Innovative FastTrack Installation Method

How is Acorn able to fit our stairlifts to 99 percent of all staircases without modifying your home?

This is all thanks to Acorn’s unique modular rail system known as FastTrack that can be adapted to flawlessly fit and flow with the bends, curves, and lengths of almost any staircase—whether straight, curved, or outdoor.

Our expert installation technicians will select the exact rail sections needed to fit your staircase, assembling and fitting a personalized FastTrack rail to your specific staircase.

Acorn knows that mobility is something that no one should be stuck on the stairs waiting for.

With the FastTrack system, stairlift installation is fast and simple, only taking a few hours, even with a more complicated stair construction.

Most importantly, Acorn stairlifts are installed directly to the stairs, rather than the wall, so you will never have to sacrifice the style or structure of your home with messy modifications such as drilling or plastering.

Why Acorn Always Aims to Be Adaptable

Acorn Stairlifts knows every staircase and home is just as unique as the customer who buys it.

We also know that each individual has unique needs, experiences, and circumstances that have led them to the life-changing decision of installing a stairlift in their home.

Regardless of any factors that have formulated your personal mobility story, Acorn strives to improve the overall quality of our customers’ lives by helping you regain their mobility, independence, and confidence, doing so with the help of our high-quality stairlifts and service.

With such a high number of people around the world who suffer from some type of mobility impairment, disability, or the natural effects that come with the ageing process, Acorn wants to lend a helping hand.

Acorn knows that these people are not just numbers. They’re our grandmothers and grandfathers, husbands and wives, mom and dads, sisters and brothers, and children. They are the people we love and care about.

They deserve to live their lives to the fullest, despite their mobility limitations, soaring above the obstacles that once burdened them and not missing out on making more memories with their families.

This is why we take our mission to get you and your loved ones mobile again so seriously.

We want to help people of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and abilities across the globe live their lives to the fullest.

Let Us Help You Reach New Heights—Contact Acorn Stairlifts Today

If you or a loved one struggle to use the stairs or find yourselves avoiding them altogether, a stairlift will help you rise above these obstacles, granting you full access to the home you love in one seamless, sweeping motion.

Don’t miss out on reaching new heights—Allow Acorn to change your life, granting you freedom, independence, mobility, and confidence with only the best quality stairlifts.

Click here to claim your free, no-obligation quote and learn how you can take the first step towards lifting your life today.

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