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Acorn Stairlift FAQ of the Week—How Much Does a Stairlift Cost?

12:00am | | Tips and Advice

When it comes to our loved ones and important decisions concerning their health, well-being, and safety, you never want to be left in the dark.

We get it.

This is exactly why Acorn Stairlifts makes it a point to stay right by your side every step of the way in taking your life to the next level with one of our life-changing lifts.

We are here to light the way by answering any and all of your questions so that we will always leave you with the complete confidence that your loved ones are only receiving the best stairlifts and service.

Welcome back to our segment of Acorn Stairlift FAQ of the Week. This is the Acorn assurance that every customer deserves –answers to all of your most frequently asked questions –so that you never feel left in the dark again.

This week, we will delve into all of the factors that influence the cost of your stairlift.

The Acorn Stairlift FAQ of the Week

How Much Does a Stairlift Cost?

Because each stairlift is tailor-made to fit our customers' needs and requirements, the price of an Acorn stairlift all depends on your own personal requirements and the configuration of your staircase

Here at Acorn Stairlifts, we know that each home and staircase is just as unique as the customer who buys it. That’s why your individual staircase, as well as the specific characteristics of your home, all affect what your personal Acorn Stairlift price will come out to be. 

The endless combination of unique characteristics that make up your staircase is why Acorn offers a free, no-obligation quote to anyone even considering lifting their life to a new level in which our trained surveyors can carry out an assessment and give you an accurate quotation.

What Stairlift Models Are Cheaper or More Expensive?

Generally, the cheapest model of the stairlift is the Acorn 130 Straight Stairlift, made for staircases that go straight up and down. These are the fastest and simplest to install because the rail does not need to be modified to any twists or bends.

The Acorn 130 Outdoor Straight Stairlift generally will be a bit more expensive due to the elements found in nature that can make installation a bit more complicated.

Due to its more personalized nature with unique twists and bends, you can expect the Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift to be the most expensive model, as Acorn has to make more specific modifications to allow the rail to flow synchronously with your staircase.

What Are the Factors that Influence the Price of Your Stairlift?

The factors taken into consideration to determine the price of your personal stairlift are the following:

  • Which chair is best for your needs
  • Whether your stairs are curved or straight
  • How many steps are in your flights of stairs
  • How many turns are in your staircase has
  • If you want to go up more than one flight of stairs
  • The length of your rail
  • If your stairs are outdoors or indoors
  • The location of your staircase in relation to other household objects

Want to read more in-depth about how these factors influence the cost of your Acorn stairlift?

Click here to delve into more detail about what is behind the price tag on your stairlift.

Claim Your Free, No-Obligation Stair Lift Quote Today

Acorn offers each person even considering investing in a life-changing lift a free, no-obligation quote and home survey in which an Acorn representative will provide you with personal stairlift advice and your stairlift price.

Contact Acorn today to take advantage of this free service and start reclaiming your life with the lift you deserve.

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